A Trusted Partner

Founded in 1789, Nathan Trotter & Co., Inc. has evolved into the largest manufacturer of tin and tin alloys in North America. Today the company remains committed to preserving our legacy as the oldest continuously operated metals manufacturer in the US. In addition to our reputation for tin, we have become a leading source of lead alloys and other non-ferrous metals, with a growing metal recycling program and a steadfast tradition of exceptional customer service, industry- leading metallurgical expertise, and competitive pricing.

From procuring metals through our global resources to casting and extruding exact shapes or creating precise alloys, Nathan Trotter and its staff use their industry knowledge and experience to meet ever-changing customer demands at the highest level of quality and the lowest cost.

Metal manufacturing and distribution has long been a commodity business, but at Nathan Trotter, our commitment to partnership and our refined processes have turned our business into much more than metal.  Shipping more than 2 million pounds each month, we are constantly adapting our equipment and developing new producer relationships to anticipate – and exceed – our customers’ expectations.

Our Future

The current leadership at Nathan Trotter is committed to the continued success and progress of the business – and to finding new ways to partner with our customers and producers around the globe. We’ll continue to advance recycling programs and other environmental initiatives. We’ll never stop investigating and improving our processes, facilities, and quality assurance methods.

Nathan Trotter is proud to have a strong foundation and history, great experience from which to draw, and longstanding industry relationships to help us proceed into the future with confidence. The time-honored values, continuous pursuit of innovation, and commitment to partner with our customers that have characterized Nathan Trotter for the last two centuries will remain well into our future.

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