Solder Bar

Nathan Trotter is a leading manufacturer of solder for use in electronic assembly, automotive, heat exchange, and other industrial applications.

Nathan Trotter’s common leaded solder alloys include Sn63 (63 Sn/37 Pb eutectic), Sn60 (60 Sn/40 Pb), and Sn50 (50 Sn/50 Pb). Standard lead-free alloys include NT100Ge, 99C, SAC0307, and SAC305.   A catalog of other solder alloys are produced to either customer or industry specification.

Each bar is either cast or extruded to exact dimensions and alloy specifications. Our solder is produced using only the highest quality metals, responsibly sourced through our global network of supply. The result is a solder that provides optimal yields, minimal oxidation, and superior performance. Demonstrated success has been proven in every application including Through-Hole Technology (THT) wave soldering, dip coating, and plating.

Complimentary solder pot analyses for customers using our in-house optical emission spectrometer is also included with bar sales.

Nathan Trotter offers a leading-edge solder recycling program through our reclaim division, Tin Technology and Refining (, that provides our solder customers with maximum value for their solder scrap including dross and oxide, pot dumpings, paste, and solder debris. Reclaim material can be exchanged for new solder or payment, enabling customers to reduce raw material costs in an environmentally responsible way.

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