Nathan Trotter sources the highest-quality tin ingot and meets customer demands through our strong relationships with tin producers around the world.

As the largest importer of tin in North America, we work closely with tin smelters in all of the primary global tin regions, including Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, and China.  When choosing our suppliers of raw tin, we carefully consider all of the benefits that each brand can offer – reliability, quality, price, and CfSI involvement.

In our facility, strict ISO quality procedures, metallurgical expertise, and high-volume manufacturing capabilities combine to create the best in pure tin products.  We produce tin in all shapes and sizes to perfectly meet the requirements of your process.

In addition to regular Grade A, Grade A Low-Lead, and High Purity 99.99, we can choose from our extensive inventory to fulfill any unique chemistry specifications.  All shipments are accompanied by a certificate of analysis, up to 99.999% pure Sn.

Ask us about our recycling programs to maximize the value of your tin dross and scrap material.

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