Nickel anodes

As a primary distributor of nickel-plating anodes, Nathan Trotter chooses to align with producers that provide high-quality material, consistent availability, and competitive prices.  Our relationships translate to customer value.

We supply all anode options for basket-plating lines (sulfurized and non-sulfurized) and can cut-to-length rolled depolarized nickel ovals as the preferred hanging anode.  NT maintains extensive inventories at our Pennsylvania warehouse and can offer flexible forward-pricing and delivery options.  Packaging can also be customized to meet your requirements.

Most of our nickel customers also look to us for their tin and copper anode requirements so that we can work together in establishing a very successful and cost-effective plating process.

All nickel products are guaranteed to meet respective chemical requirements of BSI 375 grade R99.99, ISO 6283 grade R9995, NR 9980, or ASTM B39 (except where sulfur is intentionally added).

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