• Product Overview

    Pure tin in all grades and forms.

    Nathan Trotter is the largest importer of tin in North America, working closely with tin smelters in all of the primary global tin regions. When choosing our suppliers of raw tin ore and ingot, all of the benefits that each brand can offer are considered.  Reliability, quality, price, and CfSI involvement are all important factors. Adhering to strict ISO quality procedures and metallurgical expertise, while offering high-volume manufacturing capabilities, Nathan Trotter sets the benchmark for pure tin products in all shapes and sizes.  In addition to standard Grade A, Grade A Low-Lead, and High Purity 99.99, a broad inventory allows the flexibility to fulfill any unique chemistry specifications.  All shipments are accompanied by a certificate of analysis, performed via Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES).

  • Product Options
    Bars 1/4" to 5 lb.
    Ingots 5 to 50 lb.
    Pigs 55 lb.
    Ball 1 5/8" or 2”
    Shot 1/8” x down
    Mossy Flakes 1” x down
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  • Product Overview

    Wide selection and availability of lead products.

    Nathan Trotter uses primary 99.99% lead for the production of our own high-purity solder alloys.  This same, exceptional quality lead is also supplied to customers for foundry applications.  Pure lead in ingot, bar, shot, or extruded forms for alloying, dip-coating, radiation shielding, ballast, counter weights, and all solder-related applications is readily available. In addition to full size ingot, smaller pieces can be cut to size for easier handling.  All lead shipments are accompanied by a certificate of analysis.

  • Product Options
    Ingot 40 - 100 lbs each
    Stick and Notch Bar 1 lb. - 10 lb.
    Extruded rod/wire 1/2" - 2" diameter
    Extruded bar slab, oval, waffle x length
    Shot 1/8" particle size
  • Product Overview

    Primary electrolytic grade Nickel.

    The nickel portfolio for foundry applications include 1×1″ and 4×4″ cut cathode and 3/8″ pellets.  Partnering with suppliers that deliver high quality brands, Nathan Trotter consistently stocks nickel from Norilsk, Xstrata, Inco, Anglo American, and Votorantim.  All nickel products are primary electrolytic grade with purity levels of 99.9%+.  Warehoused on the East Coast and Midwest US, allows same-day shipment in your preference of packaging.  Please also ask about firm-price blanket contracts for up to one year.

  • Product Options
    1 x 1” (250 kg drums)
    4 x 4” (250 kg drums)
    Pellet (drums or supersacks)
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Pure Zinc and Zinc Alloys
  • Product Overview

    Zinc alloys produced in our Western PA facility.

    Nathan Trotter supplies SHG pure zinc and zinc alloys in truckload or pallet quantities, always ready for prompt shipment. Special High Grade (SHG) is 99.99% minimum zinc, all primary metal, not from recycled sources.   We produce our own ZAMAK alloys for high quality die-casting applications and Zinc-Antimony Brightener Bars for galvanzing additions.   For electroplating, we offer 2″ zinc ball and zinc flat-tops as stock items. Custom bar sizes and alloys are available.

  • Product Options
    Notch Bar 15 lb., on pallets
    Slab 55 lb., self palletized
    Balls 2" Dia, 250 lb. drums
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  • Product Overview

    Perfectly matched to any melting process.

    Nathan Trotter maintains inventory of commonly-used copper products for alloying and melt additions: cathodes, chops, ingot, and nuggets.  Purity can range from 99.9 – 99.999% depending on specific requirements.  Packaging options are numerous and pricing is always competitive, based on daily COMEX and LME markets.

  • Product Options
    Copper cathode 4 x 4”
    Copper chops Number 1 heavy, bare bright
    Copper nuggets 1” and 3/4”
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  • Product Overview

    Exceptional quality, expertly sourced, and competitively priced.

    Antimony in slab, ingot, shot, and crushed form, including in-stock and made-to-order larger quantities, are all available. Often required in lead, tin, and iron alloys, Nathan Trotter antimony is used as a hardener and grain refiner throughout the foundry industry.  Although antimony does not trade on a metal exchange, customers can still receive extended blanket pricing and flexible release schedules to help reduce risk and provide pricing stability.  All antimony conforms to the Grade B Regulus Standard of 99.65% minimum purity or higher. High purity antimony with low lead levels is also available.

  • Product Options
    Ingot / Slab 10 x 10 x 6” (50 lbs.)
    Shot 3/8” x down, sifted to spec
    Crushed 10 mesh x down
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  • Product Overview

    Direct relationships with producers.

    As a complement to tin and other base metals, bismuth is a minor metal that is used often by Nathan Trotter customers as a grain refiner in the foundry industry and as an environmentally friendly replacement for lead. Bismuth is also a common ingredient in low-melt and fusible alloys along with lead, tin, cadmium, and indium, and Nathan Trotter routinely produces the tin-bismuth eutectic 281 alloy.  Having cultivated relationships with producers in the top source regions of Korea, China, and South America, Nathan Trotter offers the most cost-competitive supply programs in the industry.

  • Product Options
    Slab/Ingot 40 lbs. each
    Shot and Needle 1/8" - 2"
    Pellet 10 gram - 25 gram
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