Solder Bar and Wire
  • Product Overview

    Solder. Smarter.

    Nathan Trotter is a leading manufacturer of solder bar and wire for use in electronic assembly, PCB fabrication, automotive, heat exchange, and power storage applications. These high-reliability markets demand a solder that provides optimal yields, minimal oxidation, and superior performance and Nathan Trotter consistently delivers. Success has been demonstrated in every application including through-hole technology (THT) wave soldering, HASL, dip coating, and plating.

    Nathan Trotter’s common leaded solder alloys include Sn63, Sn60, and Sn50. Standard lead-free alloys include NT100Ge, 99C, HR95, SAC0307, and SAC305.  A catalog of other solder alloys are produced to either customer or industry specifications, including J-STD 006 and ASTM B39.

    Byproducts of the soldering process are managed by Nathan Trotter through a state-of-the-art recycling program with our reclaim division, Tin Technology and Refining (  This resource provides solder customers with maximum value for solder scrap including dross and oxide, pot dumpings, paste, and solder debris.

  • Product Options
    1/4” x 1/4” meter bar
    1 lb. bar/stick
    1 Kg bar
    6 lb. notch bar
    Solid or cored wire
    Any size ingot or pig
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