Tin Anodes
  • Product Overview

    Engineered for performance.

    High-purity virgin tin anodes are made in our USA-based manufacturing facility, where exacting process standards ensure up to 99.997% purity, and the lowest trace lead levels in the industry.  All Nathan Trotter tin anodes achieve excellent dissolution in the plating bath and maintain a consistent grain structure.  In addition to stocked, off-the-shelf basket and hanging anodes, custom cast and extruded anodes are also available.

  • Product Options
    Balls 1/2" - 2"
    Nuggets / Chunks 3/8" - 1"
    Bars 1" x 4" x any length
    Stars 10, 12, 16 point, 3" diam.
    Ovals 1.5" x 3" x any length
    Waffles 1" x 4" x any length
    D-Shapes 3" x 2" x any length
    Flats / Plates with folding ears
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Nickel Anodes
  • Product Overview

    Quality when you need it.

    All anode options for basket-plating lines (sulfurized and non-sulfurized) are consistently available, and we can also supply cut-to-length rolled, depolarized nickel ovals as the preferred hanging anode.  Nathan Trotter is an authorized distributor of Xstrata Nickel D Crowns and Crowns.  All nickel products are guaranteed to meet respective chemical requirements of BSI 375 grade R99.99, ISO 6283 grade R9995, NR 9980, or ASTM B39 (except where sulfur is intentionally added).

  • Product Options
    Xstrata D Crowns, Non-sulf Crowns
    Vale Inco S/R Rounds, S/P Pellets, Chips
    Norilsk Squares 1x1"
    Packaging 22 lb. bag, 50 lb. box, 551 lb. drum, 2204 lb. crate
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Copper Anodes
  • Product Overview

    Manufactured from electrolytically-refined copper cathodes.

    Our anodes ensure low sludge development, stable copper content in plating, and rapid build-up of adherent anode film allowing easy new bath startup and low impurity accumulation. Whether Oxygen-free for cyanide baths or Phos-Copper for an acid bath, extensive inventory is maintained for prompt, same-day shipment.

  • Product Options
    Balls Ball 3/4", 1”, 1.25” 2"
    Nugget 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”
    Ovals 1.5 x 3 x any length”
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Zinc and Tin/Zinc Anodes
  • Product Overview

    Extensive inventory for same-day shipment.  

    Special High Grade (SHG, 99.99% minimum purity) Zinc and Tin/Zinc anodes in either ball or bar forms can be shipped same-day. In addition to pure zinc anodes, Nathan Trotter is the largest producer of 70/30 and 75/25 tin zinc anodes which are a corrosion-resistant alternative to cadmium plating.  It also provides excellent solderability.  Ask about our spent anode recycling programs.

  • Product Options
    Balls 1.625 - 2"
    Bars 1x 4 x length"
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Cadmium Anodes
  • Product Overview

    99.99% pure.

    Produced in Clarksville Tennessee at the Nyrstar Mine, Nathan Trotter 2 Cadmium Ball Anodes, Bars, and Cadmium Sticks are exceptionally pure at 99.99% Cd for the highest quality product outcomes.  Custom-cast hanging anodes are also an option. Similar to zinc and tin/zinc coatings, Cadmium plating provides excellent corrosion protection especially in marine environments and for military applications.

  • Product Options
    2" diameter ball packaged in pails, boxes, or drums
    1/2" diameter sticks 50 lb. boxes
    1 x 2 x Length" Bars Wrapped on Pallets
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