Babbitt – All Grades
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    Premium Babbitt for Premium Bearings

    Babbitt alloys are available in all grades for use in applications from automotive and marine to hydroelectric and heavy machinery.  Each lot is carefully produced in-house using virgin metals, and quality is confirmed via X-ray during and after casting. Dross-free, homogenous alloys instill confidence for customers’ OEM babbitt bearings and re-babbitting work. Nathan Trotter maintains a selection of leaded and lead-free babbitt wire of varying diameters in stock for same-day shipment.  Exclusive brands include Government Genuine ‘GG’ and Syracuse Stonewall.  We also offer Tintite tinning compound for pre-babbitt prep and touch up work. Our technically astute and experienced sales team can help ensure a successful process.

  • Product Options
    Standard 6 lb. notch bar and 25 lb. ingot sizes
    Grade 2 and Grade 7 Babbitt wire in varying diameters and spool sizes available for same-day shipment
    Tintite tinning compound
Bullet Metal
  • Product Overview

    Superior results.

    Nathan Trotter bullet alloys are made from pure virgin lead, tin, and antimony to ensure a superior result in hard cast bullets. Ingot sizes range from 1lb. stick, to 7 lb. notch bars, to 50 lb. ingot and solid wire is produced in varying diameters and spool sizes.  All alloys are approved for use in Magma casting machines or similar and can be used for cowboy-cast, polymer-coated, or copper-plated lead bullets.  Always committed to quality, Nathan Trotter strives for the cleanest pour and lowest dross in the industry, while also ensuring common alloys are kept in stock for prompt shipment.  Our team can satisfy custom alloy requests in just a few days.  Pure tin, lead, and antimony can also be supplied separately for small additions or hobby casting.

  • Product Options
    92/6/2 Lead-Antimony-Tin
    91/7/2 Lead-Antimony-Tin
    95/5 Lead-Tin
    97/3 Lead-Tin
    Pure Lead, Tin, and Antimony also available
  • Product Overview

    Over 20 lead-free pewter alloys available.

    Each distinct alloy is created by blending tin with metals including antimony, lead, copper, bismuth, and silver.  All pewter is designed for smooth casting and a well-suited finish and used for the finest jewelry, gifts, collectibles, novelty items, accessories, awards, and decorations. Rubber-mold zinc alloys are also available.

  • Product Options
    Britannia Pewter (92% Sn)
    Fine Pewter (97-98% Sn)
    Tin Zinc Casting Alloys
    ZAMAK Rubber Mold Alloys
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