Tin Anodes

Nathan Trotter copper anodes are manufactured from the purest, electrolytically-refined copper cathodes, which are melted under highly-controlled conditions.

Our high-purity virgin tin anodes are made in our Pennsylvania manufacturing facility for use by the largest and most-efficient plating operations across North America.

Whether your process is reel-to-reel plating of connector strip and wire, or a rack-and-barrel process for individual copper parts, we can supply the highest quality tin anodes for the job.  We offer the lowest trace lead levels in the industry and have made significant investments in equipment and quality to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Custom cast or extruded anodes are available in addition to our in-stock basket and hanging anodes. We also offer very cost effective recycling programs for spent anodes.

All Nathan Trotter tin anodes are designed for maximum surface area, excellent dissolution in the plating bath, and fine grain structure. We offer up to 99.995% purity and rely on our in-house lab for very accurate analysis.

With no tin being mined in North America, we work with an extensive network of tin producers from around the world for our raw tin supply.  As the largest importer of tin in the US, we make it a priority every year to meet in-person or on-site with our suppliers from South America, China, and Indonesia to ensure the best quality, availability, and price for our company and our customers.  As a part of our company policy, we ensure all metals to be conflict-free.  Nathan Trotter is a member of the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative.

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